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Driven by the vibrant spirit of St. Petersburg, Teak Properties founder Chuck Prather was inspired to craft an unforgettable destination for both visitors and residents. Rooted in the heart of downtown, Prather sought to infuse a tranquil maritime ambiance into the city’s dynamic landscape. With a dedication to diversity, he curated three distinct concepts, ensuring a welcoming experience for all. His vision is for this establishment to serve as a central gathering place, fostering connections among friends, families, and colleagues, enriching the community fabric.

Chuck Prather

Owner & Founder

Downtown Paradise

Our Three Properties Create the Ultimate Pier Experience



The whole family is invited to sip, savor, and relax while soaking in the sun! Pier Teaki turns 21+ after sunset at 8pm.

Amazing Views

Amazing Views

Enjoy the bay view and cityscape at either the grand lawn by Driftwood Cafe, floor-to-ceiling windows at Teak, or the rooftop bar at Pier Teaki!

Exquisite Food

Exquisite Food

Executive Chef Felicia Lacalle has crafted amazing cuisine from Cuban-inspired bar bites to excitingly flavorful entrées.

Craft Drinks

Craft Drinks

Relax with the specialty coffee and teas at Driftwood Cafe or indulge in tasty tropical cocktails or mocktails at Teak and Pier Teaki.

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Our Location

800 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL

Our Location

800 2nd Ave NE, St. Pete, FL

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