Your best furry friend is in for a nice surprise at the St. Pete Pier. Our sister property, Driftwood Cafe, now proudly offers dog treats from Three Dog Bakery and ice cream made fresh in-house!

Read below to learn more about Three Dog Bakery and the new goodies you don’t want to miss. 

Three Dog Bakery 


Located in the 600 block of Central Avenue, Three Dog Bakery prides itself on using only healthy and dog-friendly ingredients like fish, peanut butter, and eggs. 

Ever since 1989, the mission has stayed the same – “feed the souls of dogs and the people that love them”. Beginning with Gracie, a sweet canine with a strong heart but a weak tummy, came a creation that would change dog treats. Gracie had a problem with run-of-the-mill dog treats leading to her owners crafting hand-made biscuits for her to enjoy. And boy did she! 

Feeling a calling to spread the joy, Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff decided to open up a business, and Three Dog Bakery was born. 

Doggie Treats at Driftwood Cafe


 The next time you visit the St. Pete Pier, stop by Driftwood Cafe for a seasonal treat or a scoop of ice cream your dog will love. The vanilla and coconut ice cream are made in-house and Three Dog Bakery provides the seasonal treats. 

Now you can pick up your pumpkin latte while your favorite pooch has a treat version. Not only is it #InstaPic perfect, but it also will make your favorite pooch happy!