Hello, strawberry season! All around the St. Petersburg area, people clamor to enjoy the sweet, slightly-tart fruit that has been a staple of Florida’s rich farming culture for over a century. Our sister property Driftwood Cafe is riding the strawberry wave with a limited-time menu in February. Feel the Love! Taste the strawberries! And come along as we take you on a “berry-exciting” adventure.



Chocolate Covered Strawberry Latte



Originally made in Yemen, the mocha is a beloved mixture of chocolate, espresso and distinctive milk froth on top. Driftwood Cafe is excited to introduce the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Latte, an irresistible combination of dark chocolate, earthy coffee, and signature strawberries.

Strawberry Fun Fact: Strawberries are not actually berries, but aggregate fruits. Each “seed” on the surface of a strawberry is actually an individual fruit.


Strawberry Shortcake Latte


White mocha and strawberry with your choice of milk

Did you know the earliest known shortcake recipe dates back to 1588 in an old English cookbook? In celebration of this culinary classic, we have created a white cafe mocha infused with strawberry flavor to swing things into spring! We are sure this combination will kick off your day in a sweet way! 

Strawberry Shortcake Fun Fact: Strawberry Shortcake is not only a popular dessert in the United States, but it has also been adopted in various forms in different countries around the world. For example, in Japan, a popular variation of Strawberry Shortcake includes a sponge cake base instead of a biscuit, and the whipped cream is often flavored with matcha green tea powder. Delicious!


Strawberry Affogato


An Italian coffee-based classic, the Affogato is a beloved drink or dessert that has been enjoyed since the early 20th century. 

Driftwood Cafe only uses the freshest strawberries in our house-made ice cream. Making a perfect base for our warm, earthy espresso. This combination of hot espresso and cold ice cream creates a unique contrast of flavors and textures that is sure to delight.

Strawberry Fun Fact: Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in the spring.


Strawberry Hot Cocoa



Dark decadent chocolate has been paired with strawberries for over 60 years! Thanks to a woman in a Chicago confectionery, Lorraine Lorusso, the first Valentine’s delight was created in the 1960s. This simple treat includes hot cocoa and your choice of milk with a delightful hint of strawberry.

Strawberry Fun Fact: Believe it or not, people can be scared of strawberries. It is called Fragariaphobia.


Wild Strawberry Lemonade



Nothing gets you ready for spring like the ice-cold classic lemonade! This time…with a strawberry twist! The Wild Strawberry Lemonade uses real strawberries and lemons to achieve the perfect combination of sour and sweet. 

A perfect companion to cool off from the St. Pete sun.

Lemonade Fun Fact: The earliest form of lemonade doesn’t come from the United States, but from 12th century Egypt! 


Strawberry Bread A La Mode


Strawberries and bread have been combined since the earliest parts of the 17th century. In Jamestown, the European settlers utilized the abundant fruit to combine with all types of items – including bread! Driftwood Cafe’s strawberry bread is nice and warm, topped with a strawberry ice cream sure to delight. 

Strawberry Fun Fact: In the town of Wépion, Belgium there is an entire museum dedicated to explaining the history of strawberry growing in the region and its importance to the economy. Now that’s strawberry dedication!


Come with us on a strawberry adventure as we dive into the month of February. Perfect the season of love, our sweet treats are sure to be loved by any Valentine you bring.