Here in St. Pete, we are blessed to have the beautiful bay right next to us – why not use it as a form of transportation? The Cross Bay Ferry is a unique partnership between Hillsborough County and Pinellas County to provide a new water transit connection between residents’ favorite destinations – Downtown St. Pete and Downtown Tampa.


Hop on as we detail the newest and smoothest ride to the pier!


The Journey to the Pier



Traveling Wednesday through Sunday, the Cross Bay Ferry starts its aquatic journey right in front of the Tampa Bay Convention Center.

As you hop on the ferry you’ll realize how awesome the ride is for only $12 one way ($8 for kids). Comfortable seating is available inside the cabin as well as outside the cabin if you want to revel in the spring breeze. Snacks and drinks are available on board with a full-service bar serving beer and wine so you can chill out and enjoy a cold drink during the 50-minute ride.

Sit back and let the ferry take you through a scenic journey coasting through Davis Island and Harbor Island on the way to your destination. Cruising at 33 miles per hour, enjoy coasting over the open waters in the bay. Before you know it you’ll be making landfall in the waterfront district next to the St. Pete Pier. Awaiting you is a scenic journey to the end of the pier and a delicious meal to boot!


From The Pier to Teak



When you arrive, you will be hopping off onto the waterfront district in North Straub Park. Continue your journey to the St. Pete Pier, taking in the views of the open water and the bay breeze. Some of our favorite ways to travel up the pier area are by bike or tram. Bikes are allowed on the ferry so it can be a great option to bring your bike for easy traveling. If you don’t want to bike, you can also walk or take the tram.

See the overhanging ‘Bending Arc’ by Janet Echelman, the people enjoying Spa Beach, the beautiful St. Pete Museum of History, and of course, the beautiful waterfront views! As you get off at the end of the tram head only steps away to the entrance of Teak, Pier Teaki and Driftwood Cafe.

The Teak Experience



Meet us at Teak and immerse yourself in an enticing, nautical-inspired menu crafted by some of the best chefs in Tampa Bay. Enjoy dishes like pan-seared salmon, grouper sandwiches and cinema popcorn shrimp. Pair these with one of the many craft cocktails served and take in the best waterfront view in St. Pete.

Before or after your email, make your way upstairs to our sister property and premier rooftop bar, Pier Teaki. Enjoy a drink and take in the breathtaking views. In the mood for coffee, sweet delights or a light bite? Visit our sister property Driftwood Cafe for a treat!

Make sure you don’t miss the last ferry! Keep an eye on the times here.


The ferry is a perfect way to enjoy a stress-free ride to the St. Pete Pier. Sit back, relax, and let the waves take you to your destination!