As the air turns crisper and the leaves change colors, the St. Pete Pier welcomes the fall season with a delectable lineup of culinary delights. From limited-time burgers to Thanksgiving feasts, there’s something for everyone – even treats for our furry friends – to savor at the end of the Pier this November.


Tampa Bay Burger Week


First up, it’s Tampa Bay Burger Week, and Teak is thrilled to participate with a unique creation. From now until November 12th, you can experience the Southern Style Burger. 

This mouthwatering creation features a 10oz smash-style burger prepared with duck fat, adding a rich and savory dimension. It’s then adorned with spicy pimento cheese, fried green tomato, crispy bacon, and a pickled jalapeno jam. This burger is a delicious testament to the artistry of our chefs.


Thanksgiving on the Pier


This Thanksgiving can be a time to relax and enjoy time with family when you leave the cooking to the experts. Celebrate Thanksgiving at The Pier with a Turkey Dinner for just $32.00. 

The meal includes sauterne-marinated turkey, stuffing made from French bread with sage and caramelized onion, green bean casserole, bourbon pecan sweet potatoes, fresh mashed potatoes and herbed gravy, and tangy cranberry sauce. It’s a feast that captures the spirit of the holiday, leaving you with no worries about cooking or cleaning up.

Check out the full Thanksgiving Day menu here under “More Menus” and make your reservations today!


New Bar Bites At Pier Teaki


Pier Teaki has revamped its bar bites menu, and it’s bursting with exciting new flavors. Some of the highlights from this new menu include:


Dip Trio: A delightful combination of jalapeno cheddar queso, housemade guacamole, and mango salsa, served with Tajin-dusted corn tortilla chips.

Cuban Flatbread: A Cuban-inspired flatbread with pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles, served with cheesy mustard Cuban sauce.

Beef and Blue Cheese Sui Mai: Five pieces of these delectable dumplings are served with sweet chili black bean sauce.

Cheese Stuffed Yucca Bites: These bites are a fusion of flavors, served with spicy guava marmalade.

Lobster Empanadas: Two irresistible empanadas are served with saffron aioli, making for a delightful seafood treat.


These bar bites are perfect for sharing with friends while taking in the breathtaking waterfront views. Is your mouth watering, yet? View the full menu here or watch the lineup on Instagram here.


Autumn Spice And Everything Nice At Driftwood Cafe


The arrival of fall wouldn’t be complete without a special lineup of seasonal drinks at Driftwood Cafe. This cozy cafe invites you to embrace the season with delightful offerings including:


Toasty Pumpkin Cocoa: Featuring pumpkin pie, toasted marshmallow, white chocolate, and your choice of milk.

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate: A warm hug in a cup with pumpkin spice, chocolate, and your choice of milk.

White Chocolate Cinnamon Bun: A sweet and aromatic blend of white chocolate, cinnamon bun, espresso, and a dusting of cinnamon powder.

Apple Cinnamon Chai: Sip on the flavors of fall with chai, caramel apple butter, and your choice of milk.

Apple Cinnamon Froze: A chilly delight made from cinnamon bun, apple cinnamon iced tea, whipped cream, and cinnamon powder.

Brown Sugar Frappé: Indulge in the spiced warmth of brown sugar, espresso, oat milk, and whipped cream.


These drinks are the epitome of autumn comfort, sure to warm your soul during your visit to the Pier.


Pup Cups At Driftwood Cafe


Last but not least, our four-legged companions are not forgotten in the midst of all this foodie fun. The Pier now offers Pup Cups at Driftwood Cafe, allowing your furry friends to join in the culinary adventure. 

These $2 dog-friendly vanilla ice cream cups come with a baked treat, and what’s even better, is $1 of the proceeds goes to support SPCA Tampa Bay. It’s a sweet treat that allows you to share the joy of good food with your loyal pets while also helping a great cause. Watch our pups have a fun day at Driftwood Cafe here!


The St. Pete Pier is the place to be this fall for food enthusiasts of all kinds. From juicy burgers to Thanksgiving feasts, creative bar bites, and a range of seasonal drinks, there’s no shortage of flavors to explore.