The new year is in full swing and there’s no better time to get active and explore the outdoors, especially in the Sunshine City! The St. Pete Pier is famously known for many exciting events, spectacular views, delicious eateries and a great place to exPIERience outdoor physical activities.  

Come along as we “run” through all the ways you can break a sweat at the beautiful St. Pete Pier.

But first…

Why Work Out at the Pier?

Sprinting on treadmills in a dusty garage? Pedaling on sweaty stationary bikes at your local gym? Following Zumba videos in front of your home flat screen? 

Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to the St. Pete Pier!

The Pier is a waterfront haven of over 26 beautiful acres made up of green parks, museums, a multitude of public events, and our beautiful restaurant properties. 

Overlooking the peaceful and blue Tampa Bay, it’s the ideal location to break out a sweat. Meditative, scenic, calm, and family oriented – the Pier promotes an atmosphere where you can breathe, reflect, work hard, and feel good doing it. 

Here are five ways to work on your body, mind, and soul at the Pier: 


Photo credit: (Instagram) – @SunFreckles_

There is nothing like feeling the coastal wind as you cruise on two wheels down the smoothly paved pier. Bikes get you from A to B quicker than running while also being easier on your knees. 

We recommend biking down the North Bay Bike Trail to get the most out of your biking experience. Starting at the Dali museum, head down the coast on Bayshore Drive in a safe, designated bike lane. Take a detour down the St. Pete Pier and slow down the speed a bit (remember pedestrians). As you feel the cool wind and warm sun on your way back down the Pier you have the option of continuing north, exploring the waterfront district, or heading back to the Dali. 

No matter the choice, we believe biking is one of the greatest activities one can enjoy on the pier! 


There is no better way to break a sweat than to lace up your favorite running shoes and hit the road. Overlooking the beautiful bay, burning calories, and meditating on the day ahead (or behind) is an amazing, healthy and happy habit that is sure to provide more joy to your daily life.  

Our route recommendation? Check out the St. Pete Run Fest course starting at your parking spot at Central Ave, jog through 1st Ave towards the Dali Museum, and back over to the St. Pete Pier using the waterfront Bayshore Drive. 

Pro Tip For your morning run: end your run at our sister property, Driftwood Cafe, and savor some much-deserved coffee!


Rollerblading is all the rage these days, and for good reason! The popular activity is a great way to get your heart rate up and to spend time with friends and family. Glide your way through the Pier (don’t forget your helmet) on a sunny afternoon or cool morning. 


There is nothing quite like rolling out your yoga mat at Spa Beach Park or the Tilted Lawn and getting in touch with your inner yogi. 

Yoga has countless benefits like increased flexibility, muscle strength, better respiration, protection from injury, and many more. Now, if you are looking to awaken your spiritual side of you in 2023, yoga is a great choice. 

Want to build community on your yoga journey? Join The Body Electric Yoga Company, as professionals lead you through a beautiful sunset practice every first Wednesday evening of the month. 

Paddle boarding

Photo credit: (Instagram) – @FreeWillyFlyin 

One of our favorite activities actually comes off the Pier and into the water: paddle boarding! A unique, aquatic activity that is awesome for exploration as well as upper body strength. 

Paddling around the St. Pete Pier’s beautiful waterfront is peaceful, calming, and active.

Don’t own a paddleboard? No worries! Check out Bada Bing Sports for paddle board rentals!   


2023 is here! A perfect time to grow into your new, future self! We are so happy to spend this new year with you at Teak and we hope to celebrate with you very soon.